Fish species





Pike perch

Bream, Crucian

African catfish

Information about each species:

Our Carp is special: It's perfect taste is the result of the small stream, which has cold and good water quality all the year through, along with the breeding and nursing technologies.

This blood line is the result of more than 20 years of artificial selection. We selected them for the perfect shape and for the biggest growth factor. With this technology we can produce carp, which can be fished after two years of nursing. In this way, this fish harvested in the early life stages, has young muscles without fat.

During the nursing we use feed as natural as possible. One of the best forage we are using is nutmeat, which gives the great consistency and taste of the fish. The meat of this carp is perfect for the traditional Hungarian fish soup, what you definitely have to taste when you will be here.

Amur: We can catch it, with the majority of traditional carp bait. As bait you can have cooked corn, and worm.

African catfish: Every year we siting our African catfish in the fishpond when it reaches the right temperature. Thanks to this, usually in July will be the African catfish in the pond.