Reccommeded Programs

You can’t fishing always!

Fortunately there is a lot of interesting cities around Ócsárd where you can find many kind of other programs to enjoy your time, while you are here. We would like to offer some of these.

Harkány (12 km)

The thermal bath of Harkány was known already in the XVI. century. Today there is a 13 hectare big park, with 2 medical and 3 30-35 C ° hot swimming pools. It’s water has high sulfate and trace element content. It’s possible to heal locomotory diseases with mud-pack, and swimming in the water. You can heal also cracked heel, and gynecological diseases.

Siklós (18km)

You can find here the Stronghold of Siklós, and the mosque of Malkocs bej.

Sights of Pécs city (18 km) 

The city center is the heritage of the world. In 2010 Pécs will be the cultural capital of the European Union.


Turkish Age: Basilica & Environment: The city of Zsolnaies
Mosque of pasha Gázi Kászim Cathedral Zsolnay Cultural Quarter Vasarely Museum
Turkish Well Bishop's Palace Zsolnay Well Zsolnay Museum
Bath of Memi pasha
Walk square Pink  Zsolnay Exhibition Csontváry Museum
St. Augustine's Church Barbakan Zsolnay Mausoleum Bishop's Palace

Drava river (18 km)

The Drave is the only river in Hungary, which is not regulated. Its still has its natural beauty. From Drávaszabolcs with a sight seeing boat you can enjoy its beautifulness.

Wine Routes

The Pécs-Mecseki Wine Route

The Pécs- Mecsek wine route is one of the youngest wine routes of the Baranya county. The tradition of wine production leads back to Roman times. The wine of this area is famous of its white wines. Our Sport fishing center is part of this wine route since 2008.

The Villány-Siklósi Wine Route

The Villány-Siklós wine route leads trough on one of the most famous wine fields of Hungary. The slight Mediterranean climate and the perfect soil give the fine taste of the red wines. With the natural environment, friendly hospitality and with the good red wines you can have a remarkable journey here.