Intensive aquaculture

News for 2019:

2019.01.10. – We finished the RAS-hatchery part and RAS larvae rearing part of our hatchery facility.

2019.01.15 – We started the production year for 2019, first propagation is done. We are accepting orders for pikperch from 1g- 20 g. We can also produce pikeperch eggs and larvae for any needs above 40000. If anybody is interested please contact Zoltán Horváth Ph.D:


Pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) on dry feed

We started to build our intensive RAS farm in 2012, where we started to work in the spring of 2013. Our main product is pikeperch juveniles reared with dry feed, with the weight of 10-20 g. In the beginning we were weaning pond reared juveniles from 3-4 cm, but thanks to the R&D work of the last few years, finally we could manage to shift 100% of our production to closed larval rearing. Like that we could increase the biosecurity of our production.

If anybody world work with pikeperch with living water in intensieve systems (flow-through, pond-in-pond technology, pond-at-pond technology), we kindly offer pond weaned juvinles for those, which is perfect choose for these kind of environment.

During our work we aim to produce the best quality pikeperch juveniles for intensive on-growing aquaculture ventures. Our product is ready for on-growing RAS production. The price and transport is uniquely agreed with every old and new partner.

In 2019 we plan to sart to work in our new intensive hatchery farm, so we will be able to supply pikeperch eggs and larvae for those who are in need of these products.

During the whole year we are accepting the orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested!

Some of our floating pellet feeding from the past:

This is an introductory movie of our intesieve pikeperch production:

The Beginnings:

In 2010 we started to cooperate with the Aquaculture Group of Georgikon Faculty of University of Pannonia. Based on the results obtained so far we started to wean fingerlings, and young-of-the-year pikeperch to artificial pellet, and rear them in closed recirculating aquaculture systems.

Our Partners for R&D research:

  • University of Pannonia, Georgikon Faculty, Fish Group – Keszthely
  • University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Aquaculture and Fisheries Management – Kaposvár
  • NAIK Fisheries Research Institute (NAIK HAKI) – Szarvas

The following pictures are about our fishproduction and our work: